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Viagra has become a common name that hardly anyone knows. The small blue pill is now used by millions of men worldwide to help them achieve normal erections that also last for a long period of time. The problem with Viagra is not the fact that an erection occurs to be very firm but instead of the many side effects that men have experienced after taking the pill. Some of the milder symptoms that users have experienced include headaches, dizziness and stomach upset. In some cases, however, men have experienced complete loss of vision and hearing. WebMD reports that, in rare cases, men have also experienced erection pain that does not go away after four hours. All of these effects could have a harmful effect on the body, which is unpleasant. For more information, visit http://mejorform.co

In order to achieve healthy erections when faced with erectile dysfunction, but you do not want to use a harmful product, such as Viagra, alternative options are available based on opinions and forum in Spain. XtraSize is one of those options that offers and works as a relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, while also helping to improve penis size without using any chemicals. The product contains a formula that uses only organic ingredients, such as plant and herbal extracts, in order to offer men similar effects and works like Viagra, but without causing serious side effects that could even be potentially life-threatening.

The Work Process

XtraSize works very similarly to Viagra according to opinions and forum in Spain, but without using any chemical ingredients. The product is based solely on natural ingredients to help relax the muscles within the fast blood vessels. When these muscles relax, the blood vessels can dilate properly, which means more than the blood can flow through them and in various parts of the body. XtraSize primarily focuses on getting more blood flowing into the penis, so the ingredients found in the product also tend to boost the user's sexual desire, libido fast, sexual energy and vigor in order to deliver powerful results. Apart from its ability to help relieve erectile dysfunction, the extra blood that is pushed into the penis also causes the blood vessels to expand. This can result in a permanent expansion of the blood vessels, which means that the erect penis size can increase permanently with continued use of the product.

XtraSize contains only a few ingredients and composition that focuses primarily on improving blood flow, increasing libido and providing the user with higher levels of energy.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract - There are different uses for Tribulus terrestris. It is also a popular plant extract among bodybuilders. Tribulus terrestris has been reported to have the ability to improve testosterone levels. In addition, this extract can support physical strength, stimulate libido, and reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto is often used to support prostate health as it has the ability to prevent and reduce the effects of prostate problems. According to Dr. Hacha, the saw palmetto can also be able to improve the production of testosterone, which supports sexual health and physical strength as well.

Maca Root - Maca is very popular based on comments among testosterone amplifiers because of its ability to help balance hormones in the human body. This plant extract is useful for both sexes, but it can also help increase fertility in the male body.

XtraSize Pros

The product is a safer version of Viagra based on feedback. The formula also focuses on improving blood flow to the penis, similar to Viagra, but without the use of harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Instead, XtraSize is based on only natural ingredients. It's simple how to take it.

The formula also helps to improve energy levels, increase endurance and improve endurance. This can help men last longer in bed and help them perform better, while weight training. To find out how to take it, refer to the packaging for step-by-step instructions.


Only three ingredients and composition have been included in the formula. None of these ingredients have strong evidence that they can help the body

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